St. Thomas' College of Engineering & Technology
Kolkata, West Bengal
All Programmes (B.Tech in CSE, EE, ECE & IT) are NBA Accredited.

 Program Educational Objectives (PEO) OF ECE DEPARTMENT

Graduates of Electronics and Communication Engineering program shall

v  PEO1: Have design-skills and proficiency in core areas of Electronics & Communication Engineering so that they are employed in the industries related to Electronics & Communication Engineering field.

v PEO2: Have in-depth knowledge in core and advanced areas of Electronics & Communication Engineering so that they are prepared to take up higher studies.

v  PEO3: Have quality of leadership, values, and social commitment so that they can become successful contributors in industry and/or entrepreneurship keeping in view of the global and national status of technology.


Program Specific Outcomes (PSO) OF ECE DEPARTMENT

After completion of the program the students will have

PSO1. Professional Skills:  An ability to apply the knowledge in Electronics and Communication Engineering in various areas, like Communications, Signal processing, VLSI, and Embedded Systems. 

PSO2. Competency: An ability to qualify at the State, National and International level competitive examination for employment, higher studies and research.