Rules & Regulations

College Dress
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The college has uniform for students. The dress for boys is grey trousers and sky blue shirts with shoes. Navy blue tie will have to be worn only on special occasions. Also, they have to wear black leather shoes. For girls too, uniform of similar colour combination is compulsory. However, they have the options of wearing any of the following dress combinations - saree/blouse, skirt/blouse, salwar/kameez with dupatta or trousers/shirt. Saree/blouse combination is not allowed for workshop/laboratory activities. Slippers/ sandals without black-strap or without covered toes and high-heeled footwear are not allowed. Students are not allowed to attend college/library or use any college facilities without being attired in proper dress. For workshops and laboratory classes, wearing navy blue apron is compulsory for both boys & girls. Before procuring uniform, students are advised to contact the college office first.
Disciplinary Rules
The college is in a campus that houses both boys' and girls' schools having students from Nursery to Class XII. Therefore, observance of discipline by the students of the college is mandatory and any departure is severely dealt with. A set of disciplinary and appeal rules are framed for the college. The students are accustomed to abide by them. Most important of them are attendance and remaining in the college till the last scheduled period. Except for extraordinary reasons or granting of prior permission, students are not allowed to join classes later in the day. Going out of campus without permission even during lunch break is not permitted. Violation of rules can result in fine, suspension or expulsion.
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The College will remain closed on Thursday( 30/09/2021) and Saturday (02/10/2021).
Sept. 27, 2021
COVID-19 Vaccine
Thanks to the initiative of Directorate of Technical Education (Government of West Bengal) for vaccinating our remaining Faculty, Staff & Security employees. We are happy to inform that the drive was successfully conducted on Friday, 25-06-2021.
June 25, 2021
Amendment of First Regulation
All students are advised to check the MAKAUT, WB notification No. COE/MAKAUT,WB/51/2020 Dated: 25/07/2020 for Amendment of First Regulation.
July 28, 2020