Amalendu Thakur

Assistant Professor

Basic Science & Humanities (Foundation Courses) | BS & H

Academic Information


M.Phil. (Physics):  Madurai Kamaraj University, 2007

M. Sc.: C.S.J.M. University, 2004

B.Sc.: Calcutta University, 1992

Area of Specialization


Date of Joining



Physics-1 (BSPH-101)

Physics-1 Laboratory  (BSPH-191)

Journal Publication

  1. Thermodynamic Studies on the Interaction of Congo Red with Ferric Chloride in Aqueous Medium for Waste Water Treatment, A.Debnath, A. Thakur, K.L. Bhowmik, A. Bera, and B. Saha, Advanced science Letters, Vol. 22, 242-245,2016