Congratulations Shabnam Parween (Passout Batch 2024), on receiving offer from FLIPKART with a remuneration of 25.7 LPA

Admissions 2024 - 25

Congratulations Shabnam Parween (Passout Batch 2024), on receiving offer from FLIPKART with a remuneration of 25.7 LPA

Department of Basic Science & Humanities

(Foundation Courses)

General Information

The Basic Science & Humanities Department plays a pivotal role in the holistic education and well-rounded development of students in the college. While engineering programs primarily focus on technical subjects, the Basic Science & Humanities Department enriches the educational experience by providing a strong foundation in fundamental scientific principles, communication skills, and humanistic perspectives. Following is the working and significance of the department:

Foundation of Science and Mathematics: The department imparts essential knowledge in subjects such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics. These subjects form the bedrock of engineering education, enabling students to comprehend the underlying principles that govern various engineering disciplines. A solid grasp of these fundamentals enhances problem-solving abilities and analytical thinking.

Language and Communication Skills: Effective communication is an indispensable skill for engineers. The department emphasizes English language proficiency, both written and oral, to enable students to articulate their ideas and findings coherently. Workshops, seminars, and courses in technical writing, presentation skills, and interpersonal communication contribute to producing engineers who can convey their thoughts with clarity and precision.

Humanities and Social Sciences: An understanding of humanities and social sciences fosters a well-rounded perspective among engineering students. Courses in subjects like philosophy, Indian Constitution, and Management courses encourage critical thinking, ethical reasoning, managerial abilities and a broader awareness of societal impacts. Engineers who possess empathy and a grasp of societal context are better equipped to create solutions that align with human needs.

Electives and Specializations: The department offers elective courses and specializations within the Basic Science & Humanities Department. These allow students to explore areas of personal interest, such as Environmental Science, Soft Skills & Interpersonal Communication, Indian Philosophy, Project Management & Entrepreneurship etc. Such diverse exposure enhances creativity and encourages a broader worldview.

Research and Innovation: Faculty members in the department engage in research activities that contribute to advancements in scientific understanding, education, and pedagogy. Their expertise enriches classroom instruction and exposes students to cutting-edge developments in various fields.
Support for Holistic Development: The department often hosts talks, workshops, and cultural events that contribute to students’ and Staff/Faculty members’ holistic growth. These activities nurture creativity, teamwork, and leadership skills, fostering a well-balanced personality.

The Basic Science & Humanities Department serves as a bridge between the technical and humanistic aspects of education. It equips engineering students with a strong foundation in scientific principles, communication skills, and societal awareness, thus producing graduates who are not only proficient engineers but also well-rounded individuals capable of addressing complex global challenges.

Basic Science & Humanities Department consists of following disciplines: Humanities, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mechanical Science, Management Science.

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