Dr. Tapas Roy


Basic Science & Humanities (Foundation Courses) | BS & H

Academic Information


Ph.D. (Engg.) : Infrastructure Management, UPES Univeristy, 2018

AICWA : (Cost Accounting) Institute of Cost and Works Accountants, 1984

B.E. : (Mechanical Engineering) Calcutta University, 1972

Area of Specialization

Mechanical Engineering and Management Science




14 Years


36 Years

Date of Joining


Date of Assign as Prof. / A.P

Economics for Engineers (HSMC 301), (HMEE 601), (HS-HU 601)

Engineering Graphics & design (ESME 191)


Journal Publications

1. Engineering Education in India – By Dr Tapas Roy & Prof. (Retd.) Sudas Roy in EPW, Economic & Political Weekly (Vol LVIII No 1), dated January, 7, 2023.
2. Land Acquisition Conflict & RFCTLARR ACT2013: Fair Compensation – To be Assessed or Computed? By Dr Tapas Roy in LBSNAA, Mussoorie in April, 2019
3. Amendment to LARR 2013 and the Aspirations of Rural Youth of India by Tapas Roy, Dr R Jayaraj, Dr. Anil Kumar in EPW, Economic Political Weekly (wl 5987) Ref. No: 15016, dated May 30, 2017-Archived in Indian Parliament Library.
4. Defining fair market value of land in a thin land market of India to pay just compensation – a case study by Tapas Roy, Dr R Jayaraj, Dr. Anil Kumar in Int. J. of Economics and Business Research,INDERSCIENCE PUBLISHER, 2017 Vol.13, No.3, pp.258 – 274.
5. Land Acquisition in India- An Unresolved Issue of Compensation- by Tapas Roy, Dr R Jayaraj, Dr Anil Kumar in Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation Challenges and Way Forward, I 200, ICMI 2016.
6. Land Acquisition-Profiling the “Willing” Land Givers: An Indian Case Study by Tapas Roy, Sudas Roy, Sayantani Roy Choudhury, International Journal of Applied Sociology 2013, 3(3): 59-69 DOI: 10.5923/ j.ijas.20130303.3
7. OF FIELDS, FORESTS AND MARKETS by Jayanta Bandyopadhyay and Tapas Roy , The Telegraph, Kolkata , 3rd May, 2012 – archived in Indian Parliament Library
8. Political Challenge of an Intensifying Conflict over Land by Jayanta Bandyopadhyay, Tapas Roy, February 18, 2012 vol xlvii no 7 EPW, Economic & Political Weekly

9. Battle of Nerves, a Case Study by Prof. Tapas Roy and Prof. Sudas Roy.


Book Chapter
Chapter 14: Resettlement in Asian Countries Legislation, Administration and Struggles for Rights

VALUATION OF LAND FOR FAIR AND JUST COMPENSATION Methodological Issues and Challenges, in 2021

Management Consultant to number of Manufacturing & Service Industries