Sukanya Das Gupta

Assistant Professor

Electrical Engineering | EE

Academic Information


M. Tech.: Calcutta University (CU), 2011

B. Tech.:WBUT, 2008

PhD: Pursuing (Pre-thesis Submitted: 2023) Jadavpur University

Area of Specialization

Power Electronics




12 Years


Date of Joining


Date of Assign as Prof. / A.P

Power Electronics (PC-EE 504)

Basic Electrical Engineering (ES-EE 101)

Electrical & Electronic Measurement (PC-EE 403)

Line Commutated & Active PWM Rectifier (PE-EE801A)

Journal publications

1. Dasgupta, S. K. Biswas,“ Three-phase Sine Wave Inverter using Natural Harmonic Compensation”, Proceedings of 2020 IEEE Calcutta Conference (CALCON), Feb 2020.



  1. Organized Two Days workshop on Green Energy and IoT at St. Thomas’ College of Engineering and Technology.
  2. Organized Technical seminar on “Smart Grid & Smart Home for Energy Conservation” at Department of Electrical Engineering, St. Thomas’ College of Engineering and Technology.
  3. Invited Lecture under PRAGATI Organized by Research & Development Cell (St. Thomas’ College of Engineering and Technology) on Natural Harmonic Compensation of Inverter .
  4. Participated in TEQIP-III sponsored Online Short Term Course and Faculty Development Programme organised by National Institute of Technology Rourkela on “Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Integration in Smart Grid, Electric Vehicle (PEREISGEV 2020)” .
  5. Attended Faculty Development Program (FDP) on Research Methodology and Document Preparation in L A TEX Organized by Department of Computer Science & Engineering (NBA Accredited) St. Thomas’ College of Engineering & Technology
  6. Attended ONLINE SHORT TERM COURSE at National Institute of Technology ROURKELA on “Recent Trends in Modeling and Control of Dynamical Systems (RTMCDS-2023)” organized by Department of Electrical Engineering .
  7. Attended Hybrid Course on IoT Application for Sensor Technology at National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training & Research (NITTTR), Kolkata.
  8. Participated in National Seminar on Power electronics Applications in Renewable Energy beyond 2020, organized by Calcutta University.
  9. Completed NPTEL Online Certification course on POWER ELECTRONICS (Received Elite Grade)
  10. Participated in Webinar on “Implementation of NEP 2020 with a Focus on R & D and Innovation”
  11. Participated in Webinar on “Harmonics, VAr Power Factor in Power System with Static Converters”
  12. Participated in Webinar on “Harmonics, VAr Power Factor in Power System with Static Converters”
  13. Participated in Webinar on “Morphology and its applications in Digital Image Processing”
  14. Participated in Webinar on “Blended Approach for Teaching and Learning”
  15. Participated in Webinar on “Trends in Future Power Systems and its Relevance in the Indian Scenario”

UG Projects Guided

  1. Design of a Boost Converter
  2. Design of a Quadratic Boost Converter
  3. Design of a push pull converter
  4. Design of a flyback converter
  5. Study of performance of a Multilevel Inverter
  6. Speed control of single phase fan motor using MOSFET
  7. Buck Converter Based LED Driver
  8. Single Phase Inverter For Grid Connected Photovoltaic System
  9. Multilevel inverter based Dynamic voltage restorer
  10. Harmonic mitigation techniques in single phase inverter