Congratulations Shabnam Parween (Passout Batch 2024), on receiving offer from FLIPKART with a remuneration of 25.7 LPA

Admissions 2024 - 25

Congratulations Shabnam Parween (Passout Batch 2024), on receiving offer from FLIPKART with a remuneration of 25.7 LPA

Department of Computer Science & Engineering


All the laboratories in the department are equipped with modern facilities of hardware, software, projection systems, internet connectivity, & LAN. Three curricular laboratories are there in the department to enable the curriculum based laboratory classes. The three laboratories are the Development Laboratory, the Systems Laboratory, and the Computing Laboratory to conduct the lab classes, e.g., C Programming Language, C++, JAVA, Python, Data Structures and Algorithms, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Networking, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet Technology, etc. All the laboratories have dual Operating Systems, namely, Windows 7 along with Linux(Fedora Core).

Everyday performance of the students is evaluated in each of the three laboratories mentioned above. The department also has a specialized project lab where some more facilities are available like Android Studio, XAMPP, and many more. In each of the above-mentioned laboratories a computer system is strictly allocated to a single student always. Apart from these, the students are allowed to use laboratories for self-learning (MOOCS, study materials of foreign universities). One member of the faculty and a technical assistant are in charge for the overall smooth functioning/maintenance of each laboratory. All the pertinent documents are maintained by them. The department has one research and development lab shared with the Information Technology Department. Several publications in International and National Journals and Conferences by students and faculty members have taken place over the last ten years, as a result of this initiative.

Development Laboratory

The Development Laboratory is equipped with computing facilities to cater to needs of the recent trends in the computing paradigm as per the curriculum of the university. The laboratory hosts curricular labs of prime importance like Data Structures & Algorithms using C Language, Object Oriented Programming Lab using Java, Computer Networks Lab, Operating Systems Lab, and Artificial Intelligence Lab. Of these, the Data Structures & Algorithms Lab & the Operating Systems Labs are conducted using Linux OS and the rest of the labs are run on Windows 7 platform. A high-performance HP ML-30 Server which is a constituent part of the lab is utilized on a regular basis as a File Server for storage of daily lab related activities of the students. Also, it is utilized for providing the students with the demonstrations of a few administrative features of network operating systems beyond curriculum. Students are encouraged all the time to work in mini projects beyond curriculum and in the development of corresponding working models.

Systems Laboratory

The Systems Laboratory deals with Database Management Systems and Computer Architecture along with a host of other subjects. For DBMS, we have ORACLE enterprise edition installed in HP Server. Each student is allotted a separate user id and the work gets saved in the server.For Computer Architecture Lab, we use Model Sim and server supports a number of clients. The other Laboratory subjects, Programming for Problem Solving, IT Workshop ( PYTHON), Design & Analysis of Algorithm etc. are done in the Linux Environment.

Computing Laboratory

The Computing Laboratory facilities are designed to supplement existing high-performance numerical computing facilities with local resources specifically tailored for use by the Institute faculty, research projects, and staff. Important curricular labs that are conducted here, are Data Structure & Algorithms Lab for the Electronics Department, Computer Networks Lab, & Image Processing Lab. Several types of services are provided by the Computer Laboratory, ranging from basic training and familiarization with computer concepts and practices to the development of working models. 1. To provide expertise and advice concerning computer technology and its application for such uses as word processing, network management, and statistical analyses. 2. To undertake the development for specific Institute projects.

Project Laboratory

This lab is fully dedicated to final year students for their project work. Only the final year students have access to this lab where each group is assigned a system. The Lab is well equipped with modern desktop environments, well ventilated, and well furnished. All the required software for the final year projects are installed as per requirements.

Research Lab

Research laboratory is used primarily for research, development, and storage. The R & D lab stresses on clearly identifying the needs for the progress of the technology so that the growth-specific efforts could be useful for the overall development of the department. It visualizes active student involvement in association with the faculty member to the emerging areas of research in computer science. This Laboratory is designed to supplement existing high-performance Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Internet of Things, Cyber Security and Application Development. The lab is equipped with GPU (Mac Studio), and High end workstations with i7 processor accompanied with SSD specifically tailored for use by the Institute faculty members and students under research projects.

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