Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering


Salient features of some of our sophisticated laboratories:

  1. Lab facilities are available throughout the week in addition to schedule classes.
  2. In hardware labs including Microprocessors & Microcontroller experiments are done at component level using designing techniques.
  3. VLSI design lab is facilitated with MULTISIM, SPICE, VHDL and Mentor Graphics Bundle.
  4. In design lab circuit designs are carried out using specification used in industry.
  5. Laboratories are equipped with sophisticated equipments and instruments.

Lists of laboratories are:

  1. Microprocessor (Room-104)
  2. RF & Microwave Lab (Room-105)
    i) Electromagnetic wave Lab
  3. Communication Lab (Room-106)
    i) Analog Communication Lab
    ii) Digital Communication Lab
  4. Analog Circuit, Digital Circuit Lab (Room-107)
    i)Electronics Devices Lab
    ii)Digital System Design Lab
    iii)Analog Electronics Circuit Lab
  5. Software Lab (Room-108)
    i) Digital Signal Processing Lab
    ii) Computer Networks Lab
    iii) Control System Lab
  6. Project Lab (Room-114)
  7. R & D Lab

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