Department of Information Technology


The department has four laboratories equipped with modern facilities of hardware, software, projection systems, internet connectivity, LAN.

The student-computer ratio is 1:1. Each laboratory maintains a stock register detailing the equipment history within it. One faculty member and a technical assistant are in charge of the overall functioning/maintenance of each laboratory.

The following laboratories are used for practical training of the students in the areas included in curriculum and beyond and to satisfy PSOs of the program:

  1. Project and Design Laboratory: (Satisfies all the PSOs , but specifically PSO3) Used for final year projects and third year mini projects.
  2. Multimedia and Web Technology Laboratory: Satisfies particularly PSO2 ) Used for teaching special skills for multimedia and web based applications in curriculum and beyond.
  3. System and Development Laboratory: ( Satisfies particularly PSO1 ) Used for teaching special skills for programming, development and analysis of algorithm, numerical methods , Database Management System etc.

Overall Ambience:

i. All laboratories are equipped with computers with latest configuration and requisite accessories.

ii. Two Faculty members (one of them is subject teacher) and one technical staff is available against a curriculum laboratory of 30 students.

iii. Master manuals, maintenance registers, attendance registers, log-in registers, performance sheet, students sample laboratory files and laboratory records are available in laboratories.

iv. 40 Mbps internet connection (dedicated for the college) always available in the laboratories with 12Mbps backup.

v. Students are allowed to use laboratory for self learning (MOOCS, study materials of foreign universities) beyond laboratory hours.

  • Industry sponsored R&D laboratory (Open Source Laboratory)


Research and product development activities of the faculty members and students.

Some of the products developed in R&D Laboratory

  1. Alphabet Learning : Computer Based Learning Application – running in Autism Society West Bengal from 2015-16
  2. “Rakteem”- An Android App for Blood Donors’ Alert System : Approved by FIBDO and running from 2017-18
  3. Bon Voyage – An Android App available in Google Play Store for travellers’ guide.

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