Rules & Regulation

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Rules & Regulation


  • Books issued against the General cards are for fifteen days/or as mentioned on the date slip.
  • Books issued  against the  Book Bank Cards are for the semester/or as mentioned on the date slip
  • Overdue charges @ Rs.1.00 per day (for books issued against the General Cards).
  • Books marked as Restricted or Reading Room is not for home issue.
  • If a book is LOST, DAMAGED or DEFACED, the borrower will be liable to pay the full cost of its replacement in addition to any fine that may be imposed.
  • Library cards and Reading Room card must be deposited to avail library clearance certificate.
  • If a card is lost, the card holder should report the case to the local police station and immediately inform the matter to the Librarian in writing with a copy of the GD endorsed by the police station.
  • Reading Room Card will be treated as the pass for the Reading Room.
  • Library Cards are not transferable.
  • SILENCE must be observed in the Library.
  • Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited.
  • Eatables are not allowed in the Library.

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